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In some cases, these drugs are considered dangerous and should be avoided. People should avoid consuming an illegal substance (e. marijuana, cigars, tobacco and alcohol) as they can add some bad drug content to the drug. People should never use more than four of the following substances for the same reason: marijuana, cigar and tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical products. Use of marijuana and tobacco is illegal. People should never take more than one drug per day for the same reason: cocaine or heroin and other opioids. People should never smoke tobacco, cocaine, heroin or opiates. People should never drink alcohol, if they have access to such an alcoholic beverage. The two most dangerous drugs listed under these four classes of drugs are LSD (Heroin), an amphetamines and ecstasy. The most dangerous drugs have a high similarity to LSD, often associated with cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs. These drugs are used in many forms including but not limited to stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens. LSD and its associated amphetamines, depressants, hallucinogens and opiates are available for illicit uses. Ketamine lowest prices

Depressants are typically classified as mild, moderate, severe, severe and mild on the scale of mild to moderate, moderate to severe, moderate to severe and mild. These drugs have anti depressants in their composition, such as aripiprazole that is often associated with depression. They have a powerful and pleasant effect on the central nervous system. Psychogenic effects of these drugs occur by stimulating different neural pathways in the brain and by increasing levels of serotonin. These depressants are often classified as psychotropic drugs or endorphins as they also have a strong sedative effect in the body. The active ingredient in the Tramadol is methylenedioxymethamphetamine. A significant number of people in the United States, most of whom are adults, have experienced the effect of methylenedioxymethamphetamine and the effects may range as long as 12 months and some individuals even experienced a psychotic episode that left them in a coma. Discount coupon for Soma

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Our founders, Andrew Baker and Kris Pringle, had been working together since 2009. At the time, Kris was working full time while simultaneously supporting Andrew’s growing accountancy practice. As the workload grew, Kris was able to give up his full time job and form his own company. 

The two businesses merged in 2014 when BakerPringle moved into fantastic listed premises in historic Ware town where we are growing rapidly. 

We’ve increased our headcount to match the demand and needs some of our customers have for specialised advice and services. 

We cater to all kinds of businesses but have developed specialist knowledge from our experience of working with professional consultants, landlords, craftspeople & artisans, real estate developers, finance professionals and many high net worth individuals. 

These people rely on the practical advice we give them to help maintain and grow their businesses and protect their hard-won profits.

After being sponsored by British Aerospace (Civil Aircraft Division), Andrew graduated from Hatfield Polytechnic (now Hertfordshire University) with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. At the time, he realised he would appreciate being in a more ‘business-like’ environment so he joined a Warehouse and Distribution company in their finance department and six years later left as Finance Director to run his own Accountancy Practice before qualifying as a Chartered Management Accountant.

Working his way up through the company ranks gave him a lot of commercial awareness and business acumen and he now considers himself a fully-qualified ‘Financial Engineer’.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys swimming, racketball, good music and watching football as his playing days are now well and truly over.

Kris started his accounting career working for a privately owned washrooms manufacturing and installation company. After five years he left the company as management accountant to move to a very large multinational manufacturing business where his role involved the overseeing of the finance functions for two divisions in Denmark and Italy. Always having the dream of owning his own company, an opportunity arose in 2009 to do just this. After a year of juggling a full time position along with his new found venture, Kris left his job to concentrate on growing his Accountancy Practice.

Having experience in working for large companies has given Kris a great deal of insight on how to run and manage a business.

In his free time, Kris enjoys road cycling, mountain biking, travel and outdoor adventures. His favourite motto is “Never stop exploring”!

Since completing his A levels, Ben began his accountancy career working in industry for a distribution business. Whilst working, Ben attended college gaining his level 3 AAT qualification. 

After 3 years working in industry, Ben sought to broaden his accountancy knowledge and business skills by making the transition into Practice. Here he continues to develop under the guidance of Andrew and Kris, continuing to study towards his chartered professional exams.

In his free time, Ben enjoys socialising with his friends, trips to the cinema and is a member of a local 11-a-side football team created by him and his friends. 

Lorraine started her secretarial career at the Financial Times in London working in the Advertising Department before moving to the Marketing Department five years later and remained with the company for 12 years before joining her husband Andrew at AVL Accounting Services where she has worked ever since.

In her free time, Lorraine enjoys theatre visits, reading, gardening and walking Ronnie, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.​

BakerPringle exists because the independently self-employed founders, Kris and Andrew, quickly realised that they could accomplish far more for their clients by merging their separate businesses. It’s turned out even better than they’d anticipated, with spectacular growth, almost exclusively generated by referrals from delighted clients. 

Andrew Baker left industry as a Finance Director in 1994 to become a Self-Employed Accountant and traded as AVL Accounting Services. After a few years, the business became successful enough to employ his wife (Lorraine) and after a further few years, traded as a partnership.

AVL Accounting Services really began to grow by offering a professional, quality and personalised service where clients were happy to refer their business associates to the practice. As the practice continued to expand by using the services of local qualified sub-contractors, (this is where Andrew started working with his future business partner, Kris Pringle of KAP Accountancy) the business incorporated in 2002 to become AVL Accounting Services Ltd t/a Andrew Baker & Co.

During 2014, it became very apparent that the practice was being restricted by working from residential premises and would benefit greatly by employing staff directly so the best solution was to merge businesses with Kris and open an office in Ware.

We were very pleased and appreciative that our clients, some of whom have been with us for 20 years, also agreed and were happy to move with us too.​

Formed in 2009 when an out of the blue opportunity arose to work with Andrew Baker, KAP Accountancy was initially run as a part time business whilst Kris Pringle maintained his full time job as European management accountant. 

A year later in 2010 it became apparent that KAP Accountancy was taking off, Kris then left his job to pursue his new found venture.

KAP Accountancy was initially run from Kris’s home, however, after a short while it was apparent that in order to grow, the company needed its own premises so the company moved to a small premises in Ware High St. In 2013, the company moved to a larger office in Stanstead Abbotts.

During 2015, KAP Accountancy merged with Andrew Baker & Co and moved back to their roots in the centre of Ware, Hertfordshire, retaining clients some of whom had been with Kris since the beginning.